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Android Wear Device Supports iOS, Per This Pre-Order Page

Apple Watch not for you? The Amazon preorder page for the Huawei Watch states that the device will support iOS.

Vine Blog – Music on Vine

Twitter today announced Music on Vine for iOS and Android to help users discover and create music on the short-form video sharing service.

Knut the Polar Bear's Mysterious Cause of Death Revealed

He told BBC News: "There's some closure. Closure for him, but it opens up possibilities for other animals. He will be the trigger for research that may help not just other polar bears but other wild and captured animals as well."

Square Adds Appointments App to Its Business Software Suite

Piece by piece, Square is trying to provide all of the tools that businesses need to manage themselves.


Facebook Hits New Peak of 1 Billion Users on a Single Day

On Monday, 1 in 7 people on Earth used Facebook to connect with their friends and family.

We’re Now Averaging More Than One Mass Shooting Per Day in 2015

Aug. 26 is the 238th day of the year. And with the fatal shooting in Virginia today — in which a gunman shot himself after killing two reporters and wounding one more person — plus the shooting of four during a Minneapolis home invasion, the number of mass shooting incidents has risen to 247 for the year.

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