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Contact Centers

Identify Trending Customer Experience Issues

Reduce customer churn

Analyze patterns of fraud

Identify Trending Customer Experience Issues


Use Case 1: Improve customer experience and maximize engagement

For: CX Strategists and Innovators

Contact centers have a treasure trove of information. Every customer issue, sales inquiry, question, complaint, product search, and feature request is documented but often hidden in call transcripts, chats, weblogs, CRM notes, etc. The challenge for CX Strategists is making sense out of all this valuable unstructured customer data.

  • By ingesting and then organizing all of your unstructured data into a single, structured entity graph, you have the data foundation in place to identify trending customer issues, sales opportunities, product or service problems, as well as new feature requests. With this trending information, you can can enable your organization to be more customer-centric.

  • Using Agolo, companies can analyze a broad set of multi-language, unstructured data from many different sources. With context-aware AI, you can understand and connect related information in new and unique ways. You can convert these novel customer insights into meaningful customer experience improvements.

Use Case 2: Turn chat, call transcripts, email and social media into a customer journey story

For: CX Leaders, Strategists, and Analysts

Analyze your vast trove of unstructured customer experience data - including call, chat and email transcripts, weblogs, and social media content - to better understand customer journeys and take proactive strategies to address reasons for customer churn.

  • By analyzing customer needs more accurately, quickly and completely, CX teams can identify underlying root causes of customer churn. From service recovery to revenue opportunities, you'll automatically know who to target, with what offer, and at the appropriate stage in the CX journey.

  • Using Agolo, you can create an entity graph that enables analysts to quickly understand customer journeys across data sources. In addition, via APIs, you can easily embed this information in your CRM/CX/Search applications to provide your front-line personnel with high-quality data at the moment of service or sale.

Use Case 3: Use Agolo data for advanced fraud detection and prevention

For: CX Analysts, Fraud Researchers

As fraud activities increase with digital acceleration, contact centers are faced with emerging fraud vectors and increasingly complex, well-disguised threats. Agolo can help with you with advanced fraud detection and prevention.

  • By integrating all of your omni-channel contact data into an entity graph, Agolo enables analysts to rapidly research different fraud vectors and patterns. As a result, analysts can spot fraud that is currently going unnoticed.

  • With Agolo's Al, you can automatically analyze a much broader set of unstructured data than you currently do. Investigating isolated fraud instances and spotting trends helps companies reduce current revenue leaks and allows decision-makers to identify preventative measures to stop future losses.