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Use Cases

Use Case 1: Improve Decision Making with Visibility into Unstructured Data

For: Business Analysts, Financial Analysts, and Strategic Decision Makers

Making decisions based on isolated datasets is time consuming and prone to oversights. Agolo offers a comprehensive, integrated view of your unstructured data, ensuring every decision is holistic and informed.

  • In today's data-driven world, effective decision-making is as good as the data it's based on. Analysts often grapple with disparate datasets that include huge volumes of unstructured data, leading to an extensive time investment and potential blind spots in their decision.

  • By converting unstructured texts into a searchable entity graph and linking it with other organizational data, Agolo offers a panoramic view of the information landscape. Decision-makers can now draw insights from a unified data source, ensuring their strategies are holistic, comprehensive, and devoid of blind spots.

Use Case 2: Simplify and Streamline Investigations

For: Investigators and Compliance Professionals

Missing vital evidence or getting swamped by irrelevant data during can jeopardize any investigation. Agolo ensures thoroughness without compromising efficiency.

  • Finding vital evidence has always been like searching for a needle in a haystack. Between countless emails, chats, and documents, it's easy to overlook essential information or waste time sifting through irrelevant data. Every overlooked detail (false-negative) or unrelated information (false-positive) can severely impact the outcome of your investigation.

  • Agolo's Al technology dives deep into your digital haystacks, using context to accurately identify entities in texts. Its unique 'ghost entity' feature ensures that no new or previously unidentified entity goes unnoticed, effectively reducing false-negatives. Simultaneously, by understanding different representations of the same entity, it cuts down on false-positives. The result? A more comprehensive, streamlined, and efficient investigation.

Use Case 3: Automate Decision-Making Processes and Systems

For: Business Process Architects

Rule execution engines often rely on scattered datasets, impacting the efficiency of automated processes. With combined with Agolo, they can drive automation with a consolidated, accurate data source.

  • The power of automation is realized fully when decisions made by rule execution engines are both swift and accurate. However, relying on fragmented datasets can lead to inefficiencies and potential errors.

  • Agolo acts as the backbone of automation by unifying data within unstructured text datasets. Rule execution engines and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software can now access a consolidated entity graph, ensuring automated decisions are both rapid and accurate. Whether the process involves a human in the loop, or is entirely automated, Agolo's entity graph ensures unmatched efficiency and precision in automated decision-making.