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Knowledge Base Augmentation

Leverage Agolo’s Gen-AI powered search tools to streamline knowledge access and unlock crucial insights

Use Cases

Boost Knowledge Access And Discovery With Agolo’s GenAI-based Entity Graph

Current Challenges: This company’s Knowledge Base is difficult to search and navigate. Users couldn’t immediately find the articles that they were looking for, because of too many false positives (articles that weren’t on topic) and, also, too many false negatives (missed articles that were on topic). As a result, the organization realized it needed to improve its knowledge base.

  • Agolo Solution: Agolo augments current knowledge management solutions. Via a set of APIs, companies can easily integrate Agolo into their Knowledge Bases and surface relevant information to users. Agolo’s Entity Graph generates representations of knowledge base and support articles that semantically represent the articles but in a hyper-condensed form, while simultaneously interconnecting the data where applicable. As a result, more relevant links complement knowledge base articles.

  • Business Value: Agolo brings a company’s knowledge together for easier discovery and navigation. Knowledge base users benefit from easier access to the most relevant information. Organizations benefit, also, from an “add-on” strategy that enables them to meet the demands of users, while at the same time leveraging their current enterprise search systems. With “Agolo Inside,” knowledge management systems become better, faster, and more efficient.