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Business Intelligence Dashboards and Reports

Empower analysts to automate business intelligence dashboards and reporting with an entity graph

Use Cases

Enable Your Analysts to Dramatically Improve Product Support Analytics

Current Challenges: Manual reporting process for product and warranty claims data makes it difficult for this customer’s analysts team to focus on higher value analyses. Less than 20% of surveys and customer feedback are mined for analytics purposes.

  • Agolo Solution: Agolo enabled this customer to automate the unstructured data pipeline and create a clean data store of product and warranty data. Using standard BI Tools (in this case, Microsoft PowerBI), this customer created a set of dashboards and reports that automated the standard reporting process.

  • Business Value: Not only did the customer automate its reporting process, but they also could redeploy their analysts to a backlog of higher value add analyses. The dashboards provided an automated way to identify emerging quality issues. In addition, they significantly increased visibility into the complex product support scenarios that were leading to higher repair and warranty costs.