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Agolo Entity Intelligence  

Agolo does one thing exceptionally well: we turn messy, freeform unstructured text data into a clean entity graph that, in turn, improves many enterprise AI use cases. Our technology vision is that more accurate entity graphs will drive AI application adoption, usefulness and value.

Agolo doesn't make GenAI applications. Our entity graph makes GenAI and LLMs better. Enterprise use cases range from GenAI Apps to LLMs and RAG Pipelines to Business Intelligence Dashboards and Reports to Support Site Augmentation to Enterprise and Application Search.

Taken together, the business impact is clear line of sight to your customers' product experience, leading to improved product quality, lower support costs, and faster detection of emerging issues.

Generative AI-Powered Entity Intelligence Solution to transform unstructured text data into a highly accurate Entity Graph-based data store

Agolo's engine extracts, links, aggregates, and analyzes entities within any unstructured data source. Agolo uses contextual and semantic understanding of those entities and their relationships to create an Entity Graph data service that, in turn, powers many use cases across an organization.

  • Extract any entity in any language

    Automatically identify and resolve any standard or custom product-related entities within any unstructured data source.

  • Link entities with confidence

    The Agolo confidence score is highly tunable and designed to look across multiple attributes for a complete approach to entity disambiguation.

  • Aggregate entity intelligence into an Entity Graph

    Product-related entities occur with extensive information that Agolo extracts and associates with the entities. Agolo creates a product-centric Entity Graph that provides unparalleled insights into products, issues, and solutions.

  • Leverage the Entity Graph data store anywhere

    Agolo enriches your Entity Graph as new information is processed and discovered. Query the data directly via the API and use the trusted data within other tools and workflows, including Generative AI Applications and Chatbots, LLMs and RAG Pipelines, Knowledge Bases, Business Intelligence Dashboards and Reports, Enterprise or Application Search, Customer Support Platforms, and more.

Technical Features

  • Multi-Tenancy: Application supports multiple, isolated environments and full tenant management functionality.

  • Human-in-the-Loop Support: Although the system can operate autonomously, it also supports any degree of human oversight to ensure data integrity.

  • Configuration Settings Allow for Use Case Specific Tuning: Confidence thresholds can be set and later adjusted by system administrators to ensure that for each use case, the data integrity meets SLAs.

  • Componentized Architecture Provides Integration Flexibility: Many organizations have invested in effective NLP technologies, e.g. entity extraction, knowledge graphs, etc. Agolo’s Entity Analytics componentized architecture is designed with high flexibility to leverage existing NLP technologies when present.

  • Leverage Existing Structured Data: Ontologies, taxonomies, and other structured entity data from traditional databases and knowledge graphs can be leveraged to seed or enrich the knowledge base.

  • Enterprise-grade Containerized APIs: Available on-prem, private/public cloud, or via Agolo-hosted API.

  • Extensible Interface: The included user interface is included with every deployment as white-label, extensible source code that can either be customized per use case or used as a starter application until the APIs can be integrated into the customer’s environment.

  • Proven at Scale: Proven at Scale: Agolo is proven at enterprise scale. Our solution has been designed, optimized and tested to perform at scale. The platform has been proven with some of the largest unstructured datasets.