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People understand the difficulty of mining value from unstructured text and are excited by Agolo’s solution.

Pioneering innovative solutions to intractable problems is always a journey. We’re grateful to those who have recognized early on that Agolo’s next-gen text analytics solution represents the frontier of Natural Language AI.

Thank you to all who have been our champions and supporters. Here’s what people are saying:

Defense Intelligence Agency
Terry Busch
Former DIA Senior Executive

Agolo’s identity centric discovery technology may be the thing to revolutionize intelligence analysis and productivity.  Agolo’s generative AI produces accuracy and precision results they are getting are better than any results I’ve seen to date across a wide swath of intelligence-focused technologies.

Ted Danner
Principal & CEO | Auto OEM Warranty & Service Contracts | Claims Cost Control Expert

I understand how important it is to have accurate and timely warranty claim and vehicle information. That's why I'm impressed by Agolo, a company that uses Al to help find, target, and summarize information for the Dept. of Defense and do the same for our enterprise data sources (structured and unstructured). Their Al capabilities can generate instant alerts and save time and effort by powering claim automation and decisioning based on continually changing warranty conditions. I believe their Al can transform the way we handle warranty in the automotive industry.

Acuity Knowledge Partners
Digital Transformation Group Lead

Linear addition of humans just doesn't scale. With Agolo, we can scale our research efforts in order to drive more revenue.

Jason Payne
Founder | President & CEO | Entrepreneur | Speaker & Mentor | Expert Witness | Domain SME & Weaponizer of Data

If you are an automotive warranty professional, then I know from my 23 years of first-hand experience that you are buried under a growing mountain of raw claim data and the growing sets of telematics data that everyone wants to understand, but almost no one has the manpower to do so.

I also know that you want to transform your warranty group into a nimble, predictive and proactive team that can identify and address emerging issues before they become a large-scale problem (that has always been my goal), but resources are always a constraint, and you can never get through all the data fast enough.

I wish I had found Agolo years ago! They are the first company I have evaluated that has true, dynamic Al technology that has been proven in other data-rich sectors ... and they are now directing their attention and expertise on the automotive world!

Intelligence Agency
Digital Transformation Group Lead

Our analysts largely have to manually do their research to deconflict, and they really need to be subject matter experts to know where to look. There's so much stuff encapsulated in individual experts' heads that it makes it tough to connect the dots.

Intelligence Agency
Deputy Director, IT & Systems, Defense agency

With constant organizational changes, it's nearly impossible to identify programs and who owns them. The ability to track organizations and programs at the identity level provides critical clarity and saves us huge amounts of time.

Associated Press (AP)
Jim Kennedy
SVP Enterprise Development Associated Press

Agolo's technology is assisting our human editors in distilling short summaries from long-form text.

With a feedback loop from the editors, we're saving a significant amount of time off the production process, which is vitally important in our real-time business.

Intelligence Agency
Deputy Director, IT & SAdministrator, Department of Defenseystems, Defense agency

For planning purposes, we need to quickly link new budget requests to the research in progress to see which projects are already underway. Agolo lets me see that overlap when searching across thousands of government programs and projects.

Gentex Corporation
Angelica Velez

I want it all.