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Customer Support Site Enhancements

With Agolo Inside, customers will find the product answers they need to resolve issues.

Use Cases

Provide The Right Product Support Answers To Customers With Agolo’s Gen-AI Based Entity Graph

Current Challenges: This company’s externally-facing Customer Support Site didn’t easily and quickly answer customers’ product questions, leading to increased product support interactions via more costly channels.

  • Agolo Solution: Agolo’s Entity Graph, when applied to a Customer Support Site, surfaces more relevant issues and solutions, which can be used to enhance user guides, support forums, and customer communities. Agolo’s entity graph enables users to easily find solutions and receive updates without wasting time reading through off-topic content.

  • Business Value: Agolo enables customers to quickly find solutions and close their trouble tickets more quickly. Better product self-service not only improves customer satisfaction, but it also keeps customers of more costly agent-assisted product support channels. With “Agolo Inside,” customer support sites become better, faster, and more efficient.