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Enterprise Search Panels

Leverage Agolo’s Gen-AI powered search tools to streamline knowledge access and unlock crucial insights

Use Cases

Supercharge Your Enterprise and Application Search Experience

Current Challenges: With several million free-form, text-based documents of a variety of types (i.e. PDF, PPT, DOC, TXT etc.), this organization wanted to improve the search discovery process. They realized that having clearer line of sight to product, technology, and program entities would significantly improve the enterprise search experience for users.

  • Agolo Solution: Agolo’s provided this customer with several enhancements to its existing Enterprise Search platform powered by Microsoft Azure AI Search. First, Agolo provided a panel on the Search Results UI that provided AI and graph-driven “Related Terms'' to the user’s search, leading to easy, faster discovery. Secondly, Agolo powers a “Pop-Up Entity Information Card'' triggered by a hover on a high-lighted entity within any document, giving users quick access to additional context. Finally, A roll-up view of all the entities identified in a given document, which can be used by users to quickly identify and understand the document’s focus.

  • Organizational Value: The business value accrued to users and the organization. The users benefited from a richer search experience that enabled them to find and discover relevant information much more easily and quickly. The organization benefited from an “add-on” strategy that enabled the organization to meet the demands of users, while at the same time leveraging their current enterprise search systems.