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Automate Warranty Claims Processing

Identify Fraudulent Warranty Claims

Warranty Analytics


Use Case 1: Improve the Efficiency and Quality of your Warranty Processes

For: Warranty and Quality Professionals

Manual review of warranty claims data significantly impacts warranty backlogs and costs for OEMs and Suppliers. With data coming from a variety of sources, warranty claims analysts spend too much time sorting information, reconciling data entry errors, classifying issues, and looking for patterns that might indicate fraud.

  • By automatically "reading" manually entered customer and technician notes, you can improve both the efficiency and quality of the claims processing process. You can free up your Warranty Claims Professionals to focus on outlier cases that require more extensive review.

  • Agolo's AI solution streamlines your claims processing and improves your warranty practices by automating data extraction and analysis. With Agolo, you can dramatically improve your claims processing efficiency, so you can deploy your analysts to focus on higher value-add tasks.

Use Case 2: Identify Fraudulent Warranty Claims

For: Warranty and Quality Professionals

Fraudulent claims can drastically impact costs for OEMs and Suppliers -- but you can help a warranty claims professional by highlighting claims with a higher likelihood of fraud.

  • By analyzing all the unstructured and structured data in a single platform, your Warranty Claims Professionals can research warranty claims with both more scope and more detail. This enables them to pick up on outliers and other patterns that are indicative of fraud.

  • With Agolo's Al, you can automatically analyze a much broader set of unstructured and structured data than you currently do. By organizing this data around key entitties in your data, we enable your analysts to more easily see the patterns that indicate fraud.

Use Case 3: Analyze Warranty Claims

For: Warranty and Quality Professionals

Enriched warranty analytics offers a wealth of actionable data to identify trends faster and improve operational efficiencies in the warranty repair process.

  • Vehicle issue symptoms are typically only captured in unstructured text fields in the warranty claim, historically unusable at scale. Extracting this symptom data and correlating it to defective parts can dramatically reduce the time it takes to identify emerging issues, as well as enable OEMs to issue Technical Service Bulletins faster to get ahead of issues before they escalate.

  • Agolo's Al platform can extract and standardize symptom data from customer and technician notes, as well as many other types of unstructured data, that can be attached as metadata on a claim, powering downstream analytics.