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Agolo Entity Intelligence

Next-generation entity resolution and understanding technology, designed for organizations with large, business-critical text-based document collections. 

An AI-Powered Entity Intelligence Solution to Transform Unstructured Data into Valuable Insights

Agolo Entity Intelligence is an AI-powered entity resolution engine that detects and classifies entities within documents using contextual and semantic understanding of an organization's entire document collection.

  • Entity Resolution in Documents

    Automatically identifies and resolves standard and custom entities within unstructured text.

  • Cross-lingual Entity Resolution

    Supports entity resolution across multiple languages (incl. Arabic, Mandarin and Russian — in addition to Western languages) via a proprietary semantic vectoring methodology.

  • Support for "Ghost" Entities

    Continually develops its understanding of any unknown entities until it can confidently either assign the unknown entity to an existing entity or create a net new entity.

  • Generative AI Hallucination Detection

    Generates authoritative entity and micro-entity graphs from any set of content to evaluate Generative AI (Gen AI) results from Large Language Models (LLMs), identifying potential hallucinations and data conflicts.

Technical Features

  • Multi-Tenancy: Application supports multiple, isolated environments and full tenant management functionality.

  • Human-in-the-Loop Support: Although the system can operate autonomously, it also supports any degree of human oversight to ensure data integrity.

  • Configuration Settings Allow for Use Case Specific Tuning: Confidence thresholds can be set and later adjusted by system administrators to ensure that for each use case, the data integrity meets SLAs.

  • Componentized Architecture Provides Integration Flexibility: Many organizations have invested in effective NLP technologies, e.g. entity extraction, knowledge graphs, etc. Agolo’s Entity Analytics componentized architecture is designed with high flexibility to leverage existing NLP technologies when present.

  • Leverage Existing Structured Data: Ontologies, taxonomies, and other structured entity data from traditional databases and knowledge graphs can be leveraged to seed or enrich the knowledge base.

  • Enterprise-grade Containerized APIs: Available on-prem, private/public cloud, or via Agolo-hosted API.

  • Extensible Interface: The included user interface is included with every deployment as white-label, extensible source code that can either be customized per use case or used as a starter application until the APIs can be integrated into the customer’s environment.

  • Proven at Scale: Proven at Scale: Agolo is proven at enterprise scale. Our solution has been designed, optimized and tested to perform at scale. The platform has been proven with some of the largest unstructured datasets.